Airbnb and Agency for creating multilingual listings & communication with guests

Hotel, Inn, Guesthouse and Private Lodging house are our customers. ABC Booking creates your multilingual listings and handles messages from your guests in multiple languages for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


ABC Booking creates your multilingual listings and handles messages from your guests in multiple languages to support Airbnb and hosts from all over the world.
Our speedy and careful responses for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year will lead to favorable reviews and high occupancy rates for your listing. Hotel, inn, guest house, private accommodation etc. are eligible.


Create and update your listing (your room page) on Airbnb and Revenue increased 7% by our setting.

We provide templates to input information for your property. We’ll create your listing in Chinese, Spanish, French, and English. Our templates prevent information omissions which tends to occur when creating listings on your own. We’ll provide templates for hosts who already have properties listed, and synchronize your reservation calendar of multiple sites.

Responding to messages from your guests. Revenue increased 12% by our staff.

Our team is comprised of hospitality industry professionals, e.g. former flight attendants. We handle messages from guests in multiple languages such as Chinese, Korean, English, and Thai. We’re available for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and won’t keep your guests waiting. Our system to prevent failure to reply to messages will help to become a superhost.

Automated messages. Revenue increased 6%.

Instructions and other important information prior to check-in and after check-out will be automatically sent to your guests. In addition, automated messages can be sent to you, your partners, and your cleaning crew at predetermined times. Pre-approval for reservations can be also automated not to miss a reservation opportunity. A template message for booking confirmations is also provided to prevent potential issues.

Our original system of credit card payment to prevent cancellation at Revenue increased 41%.

Guests of may cancel or not arrive at your property. But cancellation and no-show can be 80% reduced by using our own credit card prepayment system (reservation of payment system).

Operation Staff

Our staff is comprised of experienced hospitality industry professionals, e.g. flight attendants, luxury hotel staffs, and executive assistants. We offer the best support to guests visiting your country for the first time.



Fill out the application form and send it back to us.

We can send the form and terms of service by Email or Fax.


Get your room ready for guests

Enhance the furnishings of your room as much as possible according to our guidelines. Organize a cleaning company (or cleaning crew).


Input the address of your property etc. in the hearing sheet

Make sure you don’t input the wrong address otherwise you’ll need to restart from the beginning. Do not forget to input the apartment number if your property is in an apartment building. Input the number of beds and amenities e.g. hair dryer etc. in your room. Other than the address, the information can be edited.


Uploading photos

Take photos of the bed, kitchen, bathroom, and every amenities in your room e.g. refrigerator. 12 or more photos are required.


Content check and translation of listing registrations

Content check will usually be performed within 5 working days. You’ll be notified by e-mail once Airbnb or starts accepting reservations.


  • 10% of your earnings. *The media's commision and card transaction fee will be charged separately.

  • The contract period is automatically renewed on a monthly basis.

  • You can cancel if you sent us cancel letter one month in advance.




ABC Booking PTE. LTD.


9 Raffles Place #58-26, Republic Plaza Singapore 048619, Singapore


Dec. 2017 *The business started in 2015.


SGD 150,000


Provide solution for travel agents in the world


23 (as of Jan. 31, 2019)



Can I ask for room cleaning service?


E-mail for requesting cleaning service can be sent to a designated address before check-out date. You can either clean your room yourself or find a cleaning company to ask for the service. We recommend you to clean your room yourself so that you can get a chance to interact with guests, which leads to earn favorable reviews.


I want to know your concrete service contents.


- Create your multilingual listings on Airbnb or
- Handle messages from your guests in multiple languages for 24 hours a day
- Provide guest lists and automatically generated messages such as ones to be sent when reservation is confirmed, before check-in, during stays, after check-out, when requesting room cleaning or posting reviews.
- Provide templates for directions to your house
- Provide templates for your house guide
- Optimize room charge


Is there discount applied to my listings if they are over 100?


We can’t offer any discount as our service charge is already set at mininum.


How can I give my room key to guests?


You can place a key box near the entrance of your room, so that your guests can get into your room without you. You can also ask them to come and pick it up from your house if you live close to your property.


I hear that has many cancellations and no-show. Do you have any countermeasures?


Yes, we have introduced a original system of prepayment (or reservation of payment) with credit card to guests in order to prevent cancellations and no-show. Cancellations and no-show are almost eliminated by this system.